We are the Mehsistas. We are two best friends that suddenly were found in two different counties 2821,29 km away from each other. We met back in 2013 but we didn’t hang out until 2015. We always liked talking about fashion and beauty and we are addicted at exploring new places in the town we live in and we are in love with the photography. We used to go every Sunday at the center of Athens to explore the city and talking photos of everything.

More specifically:

My name is Marsilda , I’m 18 years old and I want to live my life at its fullest. I love dancing, clothes, makeup , photography and food. I recently moved on to Belgium while I took my gab year.

My name is Maria , I’m 18 years old and I love new experiences. I am a Taekwondo athlete. I love travelling, music, makeup and photography. I live in Greece and I’m studying Spanish Language and Literature.

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