Parc du Cinquantenaire

Parc du Cinquanteraire, park of the fiftieth anniversary (in English) or jubelpark (in Dutch) is a large park near the European Quarter in Brussels. The main building, the U-shaped, was built under the patronage of King Leopold II  for the 1880 National Exhibition commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of Belgian independenceThe triumphal arch and the biggest part of the buildings were erected in 1905The original architect was the Belgian Gideon Bordiau and his successor was the French architect Charles Girault.


The park is amazing for picnic, jogging, cycling. At the east gate there is huge fountain with a plenty of area for picnic it also has a few benches. At the north of the park there are football fields, basketball field and a small playground. In the main building and also at the center of the park you can find The Military Museum, The Art and History Museum, The Autoworld and in the north-western corner of the park The Mosque. The rest park is a plain area for activities.  

Personally, I am in love with parks, I just love laying on the grass and enjoy the day. It’s hard for me to find a park that I’m not in love with. Sometimes I go for jogging or cycling too. My favourite thing about the Parc du Cinquantenaire is that it’s in the city but it makes you feel like you are in a peaceful place. 

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