As an 18 old girl I love wearing makeup and try new products. From my personal experience I figured out that the more natural your makeup is , the better. Although there is sometimes I want a more glam result. So today I’m gonna share with you my top 10 products for every type of makeup(from a simple morning makeup to a glamourous night one ).


The first thing that you always have to keep in your make-up bag is a really good primer. The primer is going to be a perfect base for your foundation and it’s gonna make your make-up look brighter. A good primer that I personally use is the ANGEL VEIL SKIN PERFECTING PRIMER  by ΝΥΧ.


Next thing you should always carry with you is a liquid foundation. A foundation will make your face smother and more shinny. My go-to foundation is from the brand NYX and it’s the TOTAL CONTROL DROP FOUNDATION.


Well, before a while I didn’t know that applying concealer was so important for the final look. I thought that it’s only necessary if you have blemishes , but I was totally wrong. A good concealer helps to brighten your face and also gives extra cover. It makes you look fresh. I currently use the CONCEALER WAND by ΝYX


Bronzer is also so important for your make-up cause it gives definition to your face and also a warm result. We all want that naturally tan in our face, right? So , with the bronzer it’s now possible. I’m using the bronzer from SEVENTEEN which is called BRONZING POWDER and I absolutely love it !!!!


The most important of all the products. A powder it’s not only gives you a bit of coverage but it also helps you set you make-up for a perfect look. With setting powder your makeup will last all day. This period I’m using the STUDIO FINISHING POWDER by NYX.


Since brow filling is a thing nowadays , a brow pencil is a must. Filling your brows change your look. Its makes you feel more awake. I always remember to fill my brows with the GOOF PROOF BROW PENCIL from Benefit Cosmetics.


this is my ultimate favorite. I love wearing blush cause it gives color to my face since I’m very pale. You can use whatever blush color you want base on your makeup look. I personally love  the MAC POWDER BLUSH


In 2017 highlighter was a trend and I think that it will also be in 2018. It finishes your face makeup by giving a shine to your face . it is perfect if you want to spice up your makeup even it’s the most simple. The highlighter pallet I’m using is by NYX and it’s called STROBE GENIUS ILLUMINATING PALETTE .


A makeup product I absolutely love is mascara. Mascara makes your eyes bigger and gives definition to your eye makeup. Even the days I don’t want a glam makeup I put my EXTRA VOLUME COLLAGEN to spice up my final look


Last but not least we cannot forget the lipstick. A matte lipstick is the best for everyone, you can wear it all the time and trust me, it will stay all day. You can choose between many brands but I recommend MAC Cosmetics MATTE LIQUID LIPSTICK (the color is a personal option based on what your style is. The color that works for me better is a light brown or burgundy). Even though a matte lipstick is a good option, it might dry your lips during the day ,so, the best thing you have to do is applying a moisturizer (lip balm) before the lipstick.

Let us know what you thing in the commments below and what do you want to see next.