Being 18 years old means that you are still figuring out whats your style. One day as I went for shopping I was really confused about the pieces I bought because they were completely different style the one from the other. So, I picked 12 pieces that every woman should have in her closet no matter her age. 


1) Classic blue jeans 

Jeans are all time classic, they will never be off style. It doesn’t matter if they slim fit, cabanas, etc. Whatever works out better for you. 

2) Leather jacket

Whats better than a leather jacket? It is perfect with everything (dresses, skirt, jeans, etc.)

3) Classic pumps 

My favs. They are classy, feminine, sexy. If you pick the right heel size for you then they will be comfy too. 

4) Ankle boots 

I recently bought my first pair of ankle boots and I’m in love. I wear them almost every day and I haven’t got tired of them. You can wear them all day with everything you want. The perfect heel size is 3-4 inch. 

5) Smart trousers


Three words: classy, modern, comfyYou can wear it with a million ways and you always look put together. 

6) Blazer coat/jacket 

Blazers come in such different sizes and styles which makes it impossible for someone not finding the perfect for them. 

7) Little black dress 

I think this should be a rule for all the women around the world. It never gets old. 

8) Sneakers 

Comfortable and really amazing piece if you wear it right. 

9) Shirt 

You can choose whatever colour you like but for a classier look choose a white one. 

10) Knitted blouse 

This one is more casual but still is a must for everyone. 

11) Denim jacket

It’s all-time classic, you can wear it anytime of the day and it is wonderful with all styles.  

12) White tee 

A perfect white tee is the most easy-to-wear piece of cloth in the world. 

Let us know what you thing in the commments below and what do you want to see next.